Seaside Half Marathon Race Recap

Yesterday was the Seaside Half Marathon, 10k, and 5k in Ventura, CA. It was a PR type of Sunday!! Jasmine in the 10k, Bob and I in the half all ran PR’s and had a great time!

We had quite the early morning, leaving my place at 4:45 to arrive at packet pick up and not be rushed before the start at 8. We arrived in Ventura with plenty of time to spare which is always nice to be relaxed.

Seaside Half 1

Jasmine, me, and Bob getting ready to rock our races!!

Seaside Half 4

I felt the need to have my bib in the photos!

This is a nice out and back event that has one hill, but nothing major. The race started in a wave type format, so I started out at 8:02 – wave two – 8:00-9:00 min/mi group. This event had less than 1,000 total participants so no pacers but lots of volunteers and a good number of aid stations.

I did this race without music – just me the road and of course all the other runners

Mile 1: 7:34 Starting out a little fast but I felt comfortable, there was a decent size group of us that were out there early

Mile 2: 7:50 This guy kept wanting to race me, he passed me then slowed down, I would run next to him but then want to get a head a bit and he would not let me leave him he just picked it up. Annoyed but after a couple of times of this we talked and he was really nice. Had just PR’d two weeks before and finished really strong.

Mile 3: 7:45 Chatted to a couple who knew they were out to fast and starting to slow down – very nice people – they finished right around 1:50 and I cheered them on! This is one of my favorite things about running in general, the people you encounter and cheer on is inspiring. I know if I run another race farther south in Ventura if I saw any of the people I talked to we would catch up again like old friends.

Mile 4: 8:00 Right on target here, a little foot pain but nothing to worry about

Mile 5: 8:09 Took my first gu here so my pace was a bit slower – really that was a good thing!

Mile 6: 8:02 Turn around mile, good group of runners to hang with here that were just out for a run on the course but helped me stay on target with pace

Mile 7: 7:56 My favorite (maybe only) thing about an out and back course is the turn because you are on the countdown to the finish. Also, because I got to see Bob and get a high-five, there were also guys dressed up as ghost busters who cheered us on, and just saying good job and you’re almost there to people who you know need a pick me up.

Mile 8: 8:13 This course was so pretty. I mean at this point I was getting splashed by the ocean waves. There was a part of the road that didn’t have a beach the water just came up to the rocks and the waves came in and got me! Not a lot but just a little push to remind me to take it all in.

Mile 9: 8:31 Starting to feel the pain – tried hard to visualize a short 4 mile run that I’m used too. The only hill on the course was here, nothing to bad but I could tell I had not trained on hills enough.

Mile 10: 8:24 Only a 5k left! I tried to tell myself that positively – but was just trying to make it through

Mile 11: 8:40 My foot was killing me – it felt like fire and I was sure I had some huge bleading blister on my foot. I was kind of in a downer moment when is the race going to end – who signs up for half marathons – I feel like it happens at least once every long race …

Mile 12: 8:32 Wait – maybe I do really love these things – I’m going to rock a PR – less then 2 miles to go. I had to keep telling myself that. You’ve trained hard you can accomplish this!

Mile 13: 8:13 One mile to go!! Push it! Only hard part was there was 10k walkers still on the course that I kind of had to move around – not sure how they could fix this in future events besides giving a friendly reminder to all at the start – make way for runners. I wasn’t really talking at this point, more trying to breathe so I just dodged and ran around.

Mile .1: 0:37 Sprint to the end!

Jasmine got a couple of phone photos!

Seaside Half 2

Here I come! Sprint it in!!

Seaside Half 3

Total Time: 1:46:22 PR by 4 minutes 3 seconds!!! 8th in my age group is pretty awesome!

Seaside Half

Posing with our medals!! 3 Pr’s – well worth the early morning a 2 hour drive!

I was so excited about the PR, my super secret goal was 1:45, although I didn’t get that yesterday I know it is very achievable on legs that didn’t sprint a 5k the Saturday before. I felt relaxed through most of this race and Loved the scenery!

Jasmine’s 10k race time was 49:32, that’s 7:59 min/mi pace, 6th overall women and 4th in her age group! Her PR before was 54:57 so she took off 5:25!! That is simply amazing!

Bob’s Half Marathon race time was 2:19:11, that’s a 10:37 min/mi pace, and 7th in his age group! You’re a rock star!!

Definitely a great event, especially if you are participating in the Cal Half & Full Series – check it out next year for sure!

Today was a rest day – my legs are sore from all the hard work.

Have a great week.