Super Bowl Sunday

Happy Super Bowl Sunday everyone!

What a nice day to enjoy the Super Bowl! I started off my morning by participating in a 10K Super Bowl race making my own 10K Super Bowl race.

So I thought there was a Super Bowl 10K race this morning…as it is Super Bowl Sunday…but the race was yesterday 😦 I did not realize this until I was the only one at the race location thinking this is weird they should have stuff set up. Major mistake!! So I decided I would go run at the gym instead – my goal was orginally to get a PR at this 10K, having to do this on a treadmill didn’t sound as fun. But I was still going to count it as a PR if I could beat 49:25. I finished my 10K in 49:40 I was so close!! And I’m very proud of actually pushing through this run, in my book this is a stellar treadmill run.

Then had a wonderful breaky with my friend Brittany!

And this afternoon I will be attending my husband’s company Super Bowl party. Always fun to watch the Super Bowl with a big group of people. This year is a big year – the 49er’s are playing. I am personally a HUGE Chiefs fan but since they didn’t make it to the big game I had to pick someone to cheer for. Since I am a CA resident it was an easy decision! Also, the hubs said I might get flack for cheering on the Ravens since there are so many 49er fans here.

I’m in a pool at work – so hopefully I win something!

sb pot

Go 49ers!!

Let’s take a look back at my week running


5 miles, 9:00 minute pace


6am TRX at The Edge

Running Rest Day!! I had a hard weekend my legs were ready for this.

I hosted the Bachelor night at the condo, always so fun to watch this show with girlfriends. I think our puppy likes to show off a bit when friends come over by getting in trouble but overall great night!


How could you not love those puppy dog eyes?!?!


8 miles on the treadmill, 8:43 min/mi pace

I had been worried about this run all week. I couldn’t figure out when I would have time to run 8 miles outside (in the daylight), so I opted for the treadmill – was a bit nervous because it’s been a while since I did the mill and especially that far but overall felt great!

Night out to dinner with the hubby! And a new business adventure – that you all will be hearing more about in another post!!


6am TRX at The Edge

Easy 4 miler, 9:41 min/mi pace Started off with my friend, Tom, it had been a while since we ran together – he is coming back from an injury and doing great so far.

This was the last day of January and I am happy to say I ran 141 miles this month!! This is a huge accomplishment for me, my previous high mileage month was a total of 96 miles.

Finally watched the series finale of Private Practice with our old roommate, Michelle. Overall review; ugh, sad to see the show go but they could have ended it better.

And I got to open a birthday present early from my BFF Ali!

new scarf

Who doesn’t love a Lululemon scarf?!!


Rest day, long week


4.8 miles, 10:32 min/mi – nice and easy run. Went on some new trails I’ve never seen – and it just made me love San Luis Obispo that much more! So beautiful here!!


Pretty new trail

trail 3

Awesome path into Poly Canyon!

I tried to take lots of cool pictures on this run but most of them came out like this:

trail 2

Or even worse this:

trail 1

Better luck next run I suppose!

Overall weekly total = 30 miles