Miracle Miles 10k Race Recap

This Saturday I completed the Miracle Miles 10k. This is a point to point course from the beautiful Morro Bay rock to the Cayuc0s Pier.


Jasmine and I before the race.

Jasmine and I were under strict orders to NOT race this 10k.

Our running coach wanted us to take it easy (he didn’t even want us to participate). But this was my 3rd year signing up and it’s such a pretty course that I couldn’t pass it up. We will see if we get scolded by coach tonight at practice…

The main reason for not racing is so that our legs actually have some time to recover and starting building up again. I like to race, not a bad thing but if I want to get faster I need to recover. I’m trying to listen and learn (sometimes things take longer to sink in). But overall my legs felt good throughout the run and have been feeling fresh ever since!


A bit over cast in Morro Bay


Miracle Miles Starting line


Everyone lining up!


Right before the start!


I was a bit of a running stalker, but I loved the Boston Strong shirts!


I liked this one too!


Beach running at it’s finest


Crossing under the pier to the finish.

I have no idea how I didn’t take an ocean photo 😦

bob jones trail 3

Here’s one from a run in Avila a while back! (You always need an ocean view)

Then we watched our friends finish strong!


Tom, giving us the hang ten sign!


Bob in the red! He is injured and rocked this race.


9:10 min/mile pace it’s a nice pace if you ask me!! And for the record Jasmine beat me!! Hehehe!

 Overall, this was an incredible event for a great cause! We even stopped by my favorite cookie place for a treat!