Week in Review x2

This is my Weekly Running in Review and it’s x2 because I did not write a week review last week. This is a bit of a longer post, but I included lots of fun photos!

So I will start with 2/4-2/10

Monday 2/4

4.88 miles, 8:15 min/mi pace. I was planning on a lunch time run – forgot my shoes at home. So I played beat the sun – it’s where you run faster on an easy day to try to finish before the sun goes down! I was at about 3 when it was dark – did a lot of sidewalk running tonight to stay out of any cars way. I think I need to invest in a head lamp or hand lights – would love light suggestions if anyone has something they love!

Tuesday 2/5

6 am TRX at The Edge – The class was full but my instructor was so nice and let me use her space. Loving it!! Feeling very strong.

6.1 mles, 8:23 min/mi pace. Had planned a hilly run but change of plans due to a parking ticket I needed to drop off with the hubby – only a few hills on this run. Chilly day 50* out – I pretty much complain about cold when it’s under 60 and the sun isn’t shining, yes I’m a baby now that I live in CA. 

Wednesday 2/6 – My 27th Birthday!

5 miles, 8:20 min/mi pace. Had to do 3 mile repeats – started with a .5 warm up, 7:29 first repeat, .5 jog, 7:07 repeat, .5 jog, 7:09 repeat, .5 jog to round out the 5 miles! Glad I got my run finished early this morning!! Feeling strong!

I wanted to get this run in early so I hit the treadmill then came home to get ready for work. This is what I found:
birthday 2

A delicious, huge Costco cake! Cake for breakfast is a family tradition!!

birthday 3

The hubby did so good with the cake – but he forgot candles…we used tea lights instead. Hehehe!

birthday 1

This is what I found at work! Such amazing co-workers I have – my desk is under there some where.


And I came home to these perfectly wrapped presents!
We had drinks with our friends Kristen and Tim at Luis Wine Bar and then met up with Jasmine and Corin at Red Carpet Winery – thanks for making my day so special!
Thursday 2/7
6 am TRX at The Edge
birthday 4
Rocked my new Lululemon outfit at class!
Did not want to do this run all day long I dreaded it – but had planned on running with the Running Warehouse group. Once we got out there I felt sooo much better. I think the run is what my body wanted all along!!
 birthday 5
This amazing Birthday present made my run SO fun! See watch for miles.
Friday 2/8
Rest day
My dad, Kyle, and step mom, Lisa arrived on Friday to celebrate my birthday! I was soooo excited to have them visit.
We went over to our friends, Dave and Renee’s for a drink before dinner, and then this happened!
birthday 6
Riley, Lisa, and Luca – Lisa decided she was the new babysitter and Renee joined us for dinner!
Saturday 2/9
birthday 7
Daddy and Lisa brought the Kansas City cold weather with them – I do not want to run in these temps!
6.01 miles 8:57 min/mi pace. Freezing run with Jasmine! Felt much harder than I expected.
With my run out-of-the-way it was time to enjoy the day!
birthday 8
We went and had lunch in beautiful Avila Beach!
birthday 9
Stopped by the 2nd chance tasting room. This is me trying to take a fancy fish eye photo with my new Olloclip.
birthday 10
Me, Kellee, Michelle, Lisa, Daddy
Next stop was Red Carpet Winery – this is a new place in Pismo that we are really enjoying!
birthday 11
We all had dinner back at the condo – then daddy and Riley got tired!
The girls were in love with daddy and Lisa it was so cute!
Sunday 2/10
Happy Birthday Uncle Tobin!
9 miles, 9:20 min/mi pace. Long run felt so hard – we did have a Saturday full of drinking but went to bed early and didn’t feel bad this AM just not motivated to run. Schedule called for 10-12 so I’m glad I did 9 – I wanted to stop from mile 2-9. Jasmine definitely helped motivate me through the last 5 miles!!
birthday 12
After this run Jasmine gave me my amazing birthday gift!
This super cool ‘ Running Valentine’ sweaty band, I love it!!
Then we went into Edna Valley for some real winery stops!
birthday 13
I was trying to be artistic with my photo, not the best, but you can’t really mess up this view.
We had the best time with my parents in town! I hope they come back to visit again soon. We love having visitors!!
Total weekly mileage: 37 miles
x2 week 2, also know as this past week!
Monday 2/11
5.5 miles, 8:20 min/mi pace. This 5 easy mile run turned into something faster because when I’m on the treadmill I always end up speeding up to try to get it over with. First mile 8:45 pace, second .7 of a mile somewhere around 8:30 pace, last 3.3 7:49 pace. I switched treadmills 1.7 miles in.
Tuesday 2/12
6 am TRX at The Edge
4.86 miles, 8:25 min/mi pace. Schedule called for 5 miles with 16 x 1 minute fast/1 minute slow – this one sounds so brutal and it is mentally! But I had my fastest garmin run to date in this workout at 7:20, other miles included 7:45, 7:54, and 8:54 – getting tired at the end. Legs were definitely feeling this workout!
I hit 200 miles in 2013 with this workout!!
I also announced that I would be a 2013 SLO Half Marathon pacer! Check out the post about it here!!
Wednesday 2/13
5.3 miles, ran the first 5 miles at 8:09 pace then cooled down for .3 – glad to have my run completed before work! Ran 0.5 warm up, 2 miles at 8, 0.5 break, 2 miles sub 8, 0.3 cool down-needed to head home to get ready or I would have cooled down for a bit longer.
Thursday 2/14
First Valentine’s Day as a Valentine, check it out here!!
6 am TRX at The Edge
vday 3
I received these beautiful flowers at work! The hubby did great! Too bad he was working today 😦
Friday 2/15
Rest day
Saturday 2/16
PR’d my 5k time at the Heart & Soles race, check out my recap here!
We celebrated Valentine’s Saturday night at Dolphin Bay. The weather was amazing all day Saturday so we ate dinner outside under the stars.
birthday 14
Sunday 2/17
9.97 miles, 8:47 min/mi pace. Happy with this run and pace this morning! One week until half marathon race day!!
Then I went to church and met my girlfriend Brittany for lunch. Best part is tomorrow is a holiday! Thank you President’s I will be celebrating you tomorrow 😉
Total weekly mileage: 29 miles