Holiday Monday’s Are Such A Blessing!

I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday Monday. I know I did! I met to share this blog post on Tuesday or even Wednesday this week but life got in the way so here it is now!


The hubby had to leave for work at 6 am so I knew I would be up. I had talked to my friend Jasmine and she had agreed to attend a workout class with me. We picked a 6am boot camp class I had not tried before at The Edge. I haven’t found many classes I don’t enjoy but this one wasn’t my favorite. Every boot camp morning class is different so I am sure I will try another one but this one was a kickboxing class. I enjoy kickboxing but it was just so loud, so early, and so choreographed. These things usually do not bother me but for some reason I was just not that into this class.

After class I needed to run 5 easy miles. Somehow I talked Jasmine into joining me, and she rocked the distance! We made the route up as we went which was perfect.

run 7

We ran on Pismo Beach just before the sun came up.

run 5

Just an FYI, I’m on the West Coast, the sun does not rise over the ocean 😉

run 2

Beautiful waves, but beach running is quite a workout


After completing our 5 miles at a comfortable 9:50 min/mi pace we parted ways to enjoy the rest of our mornings.

My morning consisted of a yummy breakfast and watching the Inauguration.

Inaug2013 3

If I have ever watched the inauguration before  I do not remember much. But I did watch it Monday morning and thought it was very nice. No matter who you voted for this really brings the patriotism out in most Americans I believe. Inaug2013 1

Look at all those spectators. It would be an amazing opportunity to witness this in person, and I hope I have this chance one day.

Next on my fun holiday Monday was lunch with some girlfriends, a 2 mile walk, and a trip to a winery. The Central Coast is currently experiencing Juneuary – it was sunny and 73 today – we were all nice and warm at lunch.


Out to lunch with my snuggle bunny, baby Carter

Kelsey See Canyon Winery 2

Visiting Kelsey See Canyon Winery

Kelsey See Canyon Winery 1

One really neat feature of this winery is the peacocks, the tasting room staff said that the winery estimates a total of 75 peacocks on the property.

Kelsey See Canyon Winery

The girls – me, Jasmine, baby Carter, Jenn, and Jaimie – just missing Brittany from lunch.

I finished off my afternoon by stopping by the Avila Valley Barn to pick up a little produce and a treat.


Tough run today! I am not used to 74* I was feeling dehydrated with some major cotton mouth. Schedule called for 5 Miles including 16 x 1 min fast, 1 min slow. Started this run with a 3 min warm up so I could keep track of time knowing I would be done with the hard part at 35 minutes! 4.87 miles with an average pace of 8:17, I even got an oil change during this lunch break run! Very productive!!

Then after work the hubby came home and we met up with friends for dinner in Morro Bay. It’s Restaurant Month in SLO and we haven’t been out very much, so I’m excited to try somewhere new.


Who doesn’t love a good Lava Cake?! Soooo good!


I hit 1oo Miles in January today! Highest training month EVER!! Super excited! Schedule called for 2 x 2 miles at threshold pace, for some reason this workout really intimidated me. But I think I am stronger than I realized.  0.5 warm up, first 2 miles at 7:22 pace I think (that seems speedy but for 2.5 miles my time was 19:15 so I figured the first 0.5 was 4:30 minutes, 0.5 break at 4:37, second 2 miles at 7:48 pace, with a 0.4 cool down.

Then after work we had another girls Bachelor night! I am definitely enjoying watching with friends.


6 am TRX at The Edge

5 miles at lunch hoping I wouldn’t get rained on…first 0.5 out and it was misting. Average pace 8:39