Heart and Sole 5k Recap

Happy Saturday! This is my first blog race recap and my first official race of 2013!

I signed up on Wednesday for this race just as something fun to do for a training run. I have been feeling very positive about this training cycle so I wanted to get out in a real race and make sure it was paying off. I’m not sure racing a 5k one week before a half marathon is usually on a training schedule but I am mixing it up a little this week.

This race was on the Cal Poly campus in San Luis Obispo, I did not go to Cal Poly like so many SLO residents and do not know the campus very well at all. But there is always something fun about being on a college campus, must be the energy of the college students, or just the energy of the race I was excited to start! It was a beautiful day, I think 55* at start time. Fingers crossed for similar temps next weekend!

The Hearts & Sole event was Valentine’s Day themed and included a 5k, 10k, and 15k. I mean the blog is called ‘Running Valentine’ I felt like I should be participating in a Valentine’s event! I opted for the 5k because my training schedule didn’t have me running too much this morning. They had guys riding bikes in front of the lead runners that had wings and boxers themed outfits on as ‘cupid’ and a costume contest. I left my phone in my car or I would have included more photos – these guys were goofy looking! If they load pictures on the site I will try to add them to this post.

Mile 1: Started out really well. I was the first women out front and started to get nervous about going out to fast. So I slowed down and found a more comfortable pace. This was a nice flat scenic mile where we has our first loop and the 10k & 15k runners kept going. I always enjoy being the first ones to turn – when in a race I always feel like the shortest distance is the best, when people get to turn before me – my mental game always gets a little defeated. But I hit mile 1 at 6:54 and saw my friends Kristen and Tim.

Mile 2: We ran back through campus and saw tons of the Grizzly guys cheering! Grizzly Youth Academy is for trouble teens and they always volunteer at local events. These gentlemen are always so helpful and supportive at events, it’s always nice to see them on the courses. One big hill at the end of mile 2 split was 7:36.

Mile 3: Big downhill from the monster mile 2 hill was amazing! Cal Poly is such a beautiful campus made me miss Missouri State a bit – I will need to do more running routes through this campus. I never even realized how close it is to so many things I do. At this point I knew I would likely PR and was just trying to stay at a consistent pace – comfortably uncomfortable is something I’ve been trying to say to myself while running.

The big finish: Who thinks up hills are a good way to finish?! 😉 Not me! But that was what we faced – it wasn’t a big one though. I crossed the finish line at 21:52!!! Huge PR! I think this is my all time best time on a 5k – even beating my times in High School. Not that I was a rock star in HS but I was so proud of this time. My friends, Kristen and Tim, participated in the couples division and finished a few minutes behind me!

 Heart&sole 5k 1

Here they come! I was so excited I got to see them that I might have had my finger in the way when taking this photo…oops!

Heart&sole 5k

Fun times were had by all! You two were definitely 2nd place couple!

Overall really enjoyed this fun Saturday morning event.

Have a good one.