DIY – We do projects!

Hello there!

We have been busy working on home renovation projects here at our condo. I feel as though the hubby and I are not project people – but we definitely have been lately.

It all started with a dripping faucet in our guest bathroom. We went to the local home improvement store OSH and bought a $5 part to fix it. He went to work and by the end we had a completely new faucet and garbage disposal! How you might ask? Well the faucet was about as old as our condo, approx. 30 years, so getting that piece off was a nightmare and replacing the faucet was a much easier task. I never knew a new faucet would be so exciting, yes I am old 😦


While Kel was working on the faucet, I was cleaning up the condo and fixing dinner for some of our friends who just had a baby. Lots of dishes to do and I wanted a new sponge – I go under the sink and there is a big pool of water!! AHHH!! So after Kel makes a complete inspection, we need a new garbage disposal. Maybe not our most exciting weekend but I feel like we accomplished a lot.

Our next big project was the backyard. Here in CA you definitely don’t have yards like back in Missouri but we worked very hard on this improvement project! This is what we started with:

sand 4

Lots of sand and dirt!

sand 1

We had tons of sand before so we had to haul it all out in trash bags – tons and tons of trash bags!!

sandSuch a mess!!

raised bed 4

The hubby and his buddy Todd made an amazing raised flower bed

raised bed

Finished product:

photo 1finished 1

I’m so thankful for all the hard work that went into this project!!

Now the hard part…keeping the grass alive. I have been under strict watering orders. Hehe! So far so good. Buddy is also loving the grass!

Until our next big project…