Lead Legs

Happy Monday!

Man my legs feel dead today, I feel like they are filled with lead. Nothing more exciting than tomorrow’s planned rest day!

This is the start to the half marathon countdown. My race is on 2/24, so 4 weeks to go, exciting and a little nerve racking!!

Ok, I will finish up my running and activities for last week:


Rest day


8.2 miles total, 8:52 pace – first mile slow, 5 miles fairly fast, last two slow. This run was surprisingly very hot!

We ran the beautiful Bob Jones Trail, the views were amazing

girls running group

The girls!! For two of these lovely ladies 8 miles was there farthest run to date! They are rocking this training.

shoe twinsie

Shoe Twinsies!! Loving the Mizuno Inspire 9’s!

bob jones trail

This is the start of the trail into Avila Beach

bob jones trail 5

Let’s play volleyball!

bob jones trail 4

Heading towards San Luis Pier

bob jones trail 3

Looking back at the Avila Beach Pier – such a nice morning

bob jones trail 1

Running out onto the pier to get a look back at Avila Beach!

Saturday afternoon I had lunch with my girlfriend Renee and had a great time!


Something about this run did not excite me. I was not motivated to get outside for this run but once I did it was a good run! Happy to have it over with – now for a relaxing Sunday!! 10 miles, 8:40 pace. My dailymile friend Jill, put it best: “I regret doing that workout.” said no one ever!

The rest of my day was spent with Buddy hanging our the condo, a little cleaning, a little laundry, a little relaxing.

Weekly total: 

38.62 Miles, 10 workouts, 4336 calories burned

Rocking week overall! This is now my highest mileage week!!! And I hit 100 miles this week!!


5 miles, 9:00 pace

The couch, puppy, and ice pack are all calling my name.

Have an amazing week.