City to the Sea Race Recap

I ran our hometown race, City to the Sea, on Oct. 13th! This was definitely not my best race – I think I put a lot of pressure on myself to PR and was a bit to time focused on that one goal. I really trained well for this race and wanted to take about 5 minutes off of my current PR. I stared at my watch throughout the entire race. Miles 1-8 I hit perfectly, I was cruising without a care in the world…and then one thing didn’t go exactly how I thought it would and my race was wrecked. I need to work on mental toughness to get over this hurdle next time.

Overall average per my watch 8:20
Splits by mile:
1 – 8:09
2 – 8:07
3 – 7:59
4 – 8:00
5 – 8:10
6 – 7:59
7 – 8:00
8 – 8:15
9 – 8:17
10 – 8:50
11 – 9:01
12 – 9:06
13 – 8:39
0.1 – 1:19
My goal was 8:20 miles 1 & 2, drop to 8:00 for miles 3-8, take off 10 seconds on every mile after that. After one bad mile I fell apart. Before this race I was so excited my husband and so many friends would be out on the course cheering me on. If I wouldn’t of had this support I think I would have considered quitting this race.
In hindsight I was/am probably being pretty harsh on myself. My overall time was 1:49:50 this is only the second time I’ve ran sub-1:50 and not every race is a PR race. Now I’m trying to look forward to my next race.
Friends at the finish!
IMG_1986Thanks for the AMAZING support!
Great job to everyone who ran this race. It was sold out and I felt like it was very organized. This was the second time I ran this race probably not the last time.

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