Feeling Strong

Happy Sunday!

It has finally warmed up here on the sunny Central Coast of California and the world can go back to normal. I truly don’t know how I was so used to that cold weather in KCMO. I mean if it’s under 45 here it is seriously the end of the world. I guess it is really about letting your body acclimate to the temperatures.

This week I have been feeling Strong and proud of the things I have been able to accomplish!


Repetitions! 3 x 5 minutes fast, 5 minute jog. This workout was a killer. First one I ran 6:40 pace, rest 4 mins 30 secs, second 6:56 pace, rest 4 mins 30 secs , third 7:14 – I really tried to pick the last one up at the end but there wasn’t anything left. I’m still really happy with these fast paces!

Two of my girlfriends, Jaimie and Jasmine were going to The Fight class at The Edge Fitness so I decided to join them after work, can you ever have too much cardio? I don’t think so!!

Then we had a fun girls Bachelor night catching up on all the fun dates Sean is going on! Basically wine, girl talk, and a little tv show watching. Was very fun!!


6 am TRX class at The Edge Fitness some people have been asking me what TRX is. The TRX website states, “Born in the Navy SEALs, Suspension Training bodyweight exercise develops strength, balance, flexibility and core stability simultaneously.” Click on TRX to go to the website and find out more!

6pm Running Warehouse Group run. We ran roughly 5.5 miles at 8:57 pace. I met some more great people. Waiting until after work is hard to do but I have really enjoyed running with this group so far.


Rest day!!

Blog Post 1.20.13

Buddy and I relaxing on a nice Friday night in!


I was asked to lead the running group and pick the route today! I was excited to do this with the new group of girls I am running with. I planned a 7 mile route that wasn’t to hilly – the SLO Half that so many are training for is a very hilly course and some days it is nice to not run hills. I am sure we will have plenty of long runs on those pesky hills but I decided a different route would be fun! Our average pace was 12 min/mi, and I was really proud of everyone for accomplishing the distance. I totally spaced on taking pictures during this run. I will do better next Saturday 😉

After breaky and a shower I had made plans with our old roommate Michelle to do a little wine tasting. I opened our door to prepare for her arrival and found this:

Blog Post 1.20.13 1We had some new neighbors move into the condo next to ours and they are expecting a new baby any day. They left us fresh muffins a cute little note apologizing for any crying the new-born might do since our condo and theirs share and wall and earplugs! I thought this was so sweet!

Michelle and I had planned on driving to the Santa Maria Valley to try out a new winery she has just joined called Cambria! It was about 30 minutes away and just beautiful!

Blog Post 1.20.13 2

Yummy Pinot Nior!

Blog Post 1.20.13 3This was the view from outside of their winery.

Then we travelled back towards AG and tried one other little place for some more wine tasting.

Blog Post 1.20.13 5

Pros: Phantom Rivers was inside the cutest little house in the Village. They had really cute gifts!

Blog Post 1.20.13 4

I picked this up for my friend Jenn, to have Baby Carter wear!

Cons: The wine was just ok. Michelle and I decided we might be wine snobs. Living in ‘wine country’ really helps you know what you like and dislike. Overall we had a fun day!

Sunday Runday

I used to use Sunday as an off day. But this training plan has hard runs on Sundays and I have definitely been enjoying running on both weekend days. Today I was hoping for 5 miles under 40 minutes. My schedule said 5 miles fast or a 10K – I couldn’t find a 10K to run so 5 miles it is! This was a tough pace for me but I ended in 39:09 with 4.88 miles, average pace 8:01. I was so proud of this time, this is right on track for a PR.

Weekly mileage total: 33 miles

Now for a relaxing day with the hubby!




9 thoughts on “Feeling Strong

    • Thanks for the encouragement!
      The no drinking in January turned into no drinking the first 15 days of January! I think 15 days is pretty good!! Kellee did no drinking in January for the first 20 days! 😉

  1. Aren’t we lucky here? Want to go wine tasting? Just step out your front door and you’ll be mere minutes away from a tasting room. I live in Santa Maria and my hubby and I LOVE Cambria winery. If you want to head a little further south, there are Sunstone, Rusack and Qupe wineries which we also love. We really enjoy Riverbench (dog friendly) and Rideau has great wine. Pricey but worth it.

    PS. the cold weather has wreaked havoc with my motivation (growing up in Iowa did nothing for me!) I usually run after work which beats the frigid morning temps and let’s me ‘run off’ the stress of the day.

    Great job on your training Nicole. Keep it up!

    • Thanks Jill! It’s nice to know that other Midwestern people have transplanted and can relate to the cold. I haven’t tried any of those wineries – sounds like another trip is definitely in order. We tend to do Edna Valley because it is so close, but I’m always up for exploring new places.

  2. I LOVE TRX! My husband is in the fitness industry, so we actually have one in our garage. I went to college in the Bay Area, and your post made me miss the amazing wineries that were within driving distance!

    Great job on your runs this week, and good luck with your training!

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