Longest Training Week To Date!

This has been an A+ running week in my book! One of my new year’s goals was to follow my training schedule. I know this is only the first week I’ve tried but I am very proud of what I accomplished.


4 mile lunch time easy run 8:47 pace. I forgot my head phones on this run but I still let my iphone sing out to pandora. I’m sure the people I passed on the bike path were wondering where in the world that music was coming from.


Was the start of my 4 week TRX cross training workout at 6am. It was tough to get up this early since I hadn’t worked out before work in about 4 weeks.

6 mile lunch time run – I was a little worried this would be tough to fit in at lunch but I did it in about 52 minutes! I was very pleased with the 8:34 pace that I maintained throughout this run.


This is my first sudo speed day. My training schedule called for repetitions: 4 x 3 minutes fast, with 2 min recovery. Doesn’t sound to bad but this was a killer. I did not know my pace on the fast portions but it was fast enough I wanted to stop and had to focus on breathing to make it through. Over all very happy I completed this tough workout!


6am TRX for one hour

I ran 5.5 miles with a group at our local running store Running Warehouse! There was a group of 6 of us, and I was the only girl. I was a little worried about keeping up with these boys, but we held a steady 8:40 pace. I felt great after this run knowing that I could hold my own. I will likely join this group again. I think it’s always fun to run with new people!


REST DAY!! I was so excited to have a rest day you have no idea!! And to top it off I bought some new running shoes.

mizuno inspire 9

These bright new beauties are my Mizuno Inspire 9’s! I’ve never ran in Mizuno’s before but so far so good. I was a little hesitant about the colors but decided I should just go for it and live on the BRIGHT side of life!


One of my running buddies had mentions that a group was training for the SLO half so I contacted them and they invited me to join. The majority of these runners were first timer’s training for the SLO half. I was excited to meet them and hear how everything was going so far. They were a great group of girls all shooting to complete a 2 hour 30 minute half marathon so a little slower then I’m used to but I was fine with a slow long run. We ran a hilly portion of the actual course, which is scenic and beautiful!

run 1.12.13

It was a very chilly morning here in CA, starting in the 30*’s! I am just not used to running in anything under 50*, so seeing the sun pop up really made this a great run!!

Sunday Runday (as my BFF would say)

I had to get up early to get in my 10 miles this morning because I was invited to a baby shower that started at 11am (more on that in another post). I got all bundled up!

run 1.13.13 4

This was a solo 10 miles at a solid 9:32 min/mi pace. I had asked a couple girlfriends to tag along at different sections but it didn’t work in their schedules. So solo I ran! But it was so beautiful out I didn’t mind one bit, how could you not enjoy a run when seeing this view

run 1.13.13 1

First view of the beautiful ocean!

run 1.13.13 3

How could I not enjoy this?!

I ran from our place in AG, through Pismo Beach, Shell Beach, and down to to Avila! I convinced my Amazing husband to pick me up at the end of my run so I didn’t have to do an out and back loop. Seeing him and our little puppy Buddy at the end was a perfect start to my morning!

Total week miles = 37! This is my longest training week to date!

I am excited for week 2 of training! And look forward to running with new friends.



5 thoughts on “Longest Training Week To Date!

  1. Nice blog! You inspired me to maybe start one of my own. 🙂 I’m signed up for the SLO half, my very first half race! I was wondering how I can get in contact with that group of girls you ran with. I live in SLO and would love to train with others and maybe make some new runner friends.

    • Hi Cecilia,
      Sorry it took me a few days to get back to you. The group of girls is from Morris & Garritano, we meet outside of their office on Saturday mornings. I will shoot you the information tomorrow about our Saturday run to your personal email address. I hope you can make it out for a run with us!
      Happy Running,

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