13 in 2013!

13 in 2013 is something I found out about a few days ago but thought I had missed the sign up date – luckily they extended sign ups and I’m in!!

I originally wanted to shoot for 13, 13.1’s in 2013 – but 13 half marathons really adds up! So as of right now I am signed up to simply complete 13 races in 2013. The races can be anything from a 5k to 26.2, this can include virtual races as well, so my 5 by the 5th virtual races will count! Although I think I will try to get 13 medals in 2013!! It’s just fun to say 13 in 2013, I mean how much longer will people be able to complete the number of races the year is, I don’t think it will be happening in 2030!

On the home front, my brother is headed to boot camp today. It’s a little nerve racking but a lot exciting. I think this will be an amazing opportunity for him to see the world and grow as a person. He is 20 and the world is his oyster. He will belong to the US Navy for the next 6 years! Good Luck Jake!!

My next 2013 goal is to follow a training schedule all the way through – start to finish. Yes, this sounds easy. No, I have not done this before. 6 half marathons, never once followed a training schedule exactly right. I do not think that this is a bad thing but I would like to improve my PR and break 1:50. To do this I think I need to focus on my training and upping my weekly mileage. Day one 4 miles on the schedule, 4 miles down. Check!

Here’s to a great week ahead, the first Monday of 2013 was a long one.



2 thoughts on “13 in 2013!

  1. Loving the blog! Love the pics! Love you! Thanks for sharing – what a great way to keep up with all things new with you! 🙂

  2. YEAH I LOVE your new blog, so pretty!
    and 13 in 2013 is so fitting & perfect! I got SO excited when you posted that I was also doing 13-races 🙂
    I hope your week has been going great, can’t wait to read which races you pick!

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