Happy 2013 – New Year, New Blog!

Hello World! I thought I would start something new. Mostly to help myself be accountable and keep track of my progress throughout the new year.

2012 was an amazing year in my life and I have high hopes for 2013.

I have been a runner since 8th grade track and field – that’s about 12 years. There have definitely been breaks in my running career but overall it has been something I have enjoyed throughout my life.

Lately, I have not been on any type of running schedule but with this new year, it’s time to get on a schedule. In 2013, I would like to run at least 4 half marathons and completed the CA half series http://calhalfseries.com/challenges/ Also, in 2012 I logged a total of 505 miles on daily mile so I would like to hit 750 in 2013.

Other goals for the upcoming year will be added later. The whole resolutions thing is always made into such a big deal. I prefer to set goals throughout the year.

This blog will include other things besides just running – everyday life events, my dog, taking more photos, attempts at cooking, travels, etc.

One of my BFF’s, Ali at mileswithstyle.com has an amazing blog and has inspired me to track my progress in the blog format. Visit her site and see the amazing things she has accomplished.

Next post, a little more about myself and some 2013 races I have planned.




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